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They weren't big belevers in disc golf when they first offered it at their struggling golf course on Westside. If you had asked them six months earlier, neither Robbie Newcomer nor Carlos Hart could even have told you what disc golf was. But after watching people play at a park across town-in the company of an avid supporter of the game-Newcomer told his business partner, maybe they should look into it.

"I came back and said, We've got nothing to lose," he said. "I thought maybe it would pay the light bill".


New World Golf Course opened its first disc golf course on Dec. 26, 2015. About 15 people showed up to play, which surprised Newcomer and Hart, who had promoted it only by word of mouth. Almost two years later, the men are believers.

Disc golf, one of the fastest growing sports in the country, is paying most of the bills at what is now New World Sports Complex, where the traditional and non-traditional coexist!

The terrain, with dramatic elevations and drops, along with craters bordering a lake, gives a sense of disc golf on the moon! Mr. New World & Boss Bee try to give players something they couldn't find anywhere else. They both continue to work on the terrain , as well as their brand, while keeping their love of the outdoors in mind! Come on down to New World Sports Complex and see their hard work and dedication first hand!! You will not be disappointed!

New World Sports Complex

                            Carlos Hart                                                        Robbie Newcomer

                            (Boss Bee)                                                         (Mr. New World)

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