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The NEw World Green Course...

Welcome to New World Sports Complex's original course!  Our beautifully designed course consists of 20 holes, and is strategically situated next to our ball golf course.  The New World course is known for the varying difficulty of shots, ranging from open shots to tight tee shots, elevation, and water hazards all in one course! 

You will need to bring a complete bag, and your A game when attempting to play this disc golf challenge!  The challenge does not go unrewarded when you park that perfect drive and nail your putts along the way.  The green course is fun, challenging, beautiful, and different in so many ways.

When we began designing this disc golf course, the traditional Disc Golfer was kept in mind, which in turn, has made this course super fun at all levels of play.

Prices are as follows for one round of disc golf:

$6.00 per person to walk

$10.00 additional per person to us a cart

Add $4.00 per person to add all day play!

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